Not One Penny More Visit SISU

26 July 2013 02:01
Campaign Group Has A Day Out In London

Seppala shocker - the full story (sorry, couldn't resist the Cov Telegraph style big build up!)

So, yet again some absolutely incredible City fans spent the afternoon putting up placards outside sisu's London office, did the media stuff, handed out the 'Do you know Joy Victoria Seppala?' flyers, made a good bit of noise and then retired to a nearby pub for a well earned pint.

Placards ('Why, why, why, Seppala' '5 foot 2? eyes of blue? Joy Seppala who are you?' etc) were left secured to railings facing the sisu office entrance but upon returning to get them they'd disappeared.

A security man said Sisu staff had removed them. He may of course have been mistaken but if true, this really does take asset stripping to a new level!!

Source: Coventry MAD