13 July 2013 12:41
Protest In Northampton Today Not One Penny More Campaign Group are publicising their message in Northampton at 10am today.

Members of the group will erect banners and signs at the A4500 and A5076 traffic islands for the Sixfields Leisure Complex.

Fans stress that protests in Northampton on Saturday and in the coming weeks will be completely peaceful. They are keeping Police in Coventry fully informed and are clear that any trouble will only harm their cause.

To emphasise this, Coventry supporters are asking all football fans to show their support. As Mr Orton put it: “the SISU hedge fund is treating our Club like a franchise to move around as they want with complete disregard for fans. It could happen to any other football club next so it would be brilliant if fans of other teams joined us at the Sixfields Leisure Complex 10am Saturday 13 July”.

Source: Coventry MAD


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