No-One Is For Sale - Pressley

29 August 2013 11:44
City Boss Reluctant To Let Anyone Go

Coventry City manager Steven Pressley has said that he has no intention of letting any of his players be sold.

There has been rumours of interest in Carl Baker and Callum Wilson but Pressley told the Coventry Telegraph's Andy Turner: We possibly could anticipate offers coming in but we have spoken about it, myself and Steve Waggott, and we really have no intention of selling any of the squad unless an offer that we can’t refuse comes in.

“Like every club, and I include the top clubs, every player has a valuation so if we received a ridiculous offer for one of our players then, of course, we’d have to consider it.

“But the truth is we have absolutely no intention to sell. In fact, we want to add. We have a small squad as it is and we’re just beginning to see the fruits of the young players coming through so the last thing we want is to start losing them.

“It happened at my last club that once you see an improvement on the field of play and young players start excelling then they start attracting interest.”

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Source: Coventry MAD