No Need To Take Your Radio & Phone To The Game

14 September 2010 12:34
It's not the same old show on my radio LISTEN TO COVENTRY RADIO STATIONS NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE IN THE WORLD ON ANDROID PHONE!Anyone outside Coventry and Warwickshire can now listen to live Coventry City games phone-ins or any other programmes broadcast via Mercia FM and BBC Coventry & Warwickshire, through TuneIn Radio by simply having an Android phone. This latest technology is a real coup for any Coventrian living outside the area and abroad. Mercia FM and BBC Coventry & Warwickshire are also available on the internet but with restrictions as both stations block their live commentaries during match time due to the current football broadcasting regulations.To download TuneIn Radio just simply go to Android Market on your phone application, then do a search for TuneIn Radio. Within minutes you will have access to thousands and thousands of radio stations around the world, including all the Coventry and Warwickshire ones.The application is just like a DAB radio. To find all the Coventry and Warwickshire stations, go to tune in> local radio> Birmingham where it will list all the stations within the West Midlands county region. Then the station will play seconds after you selected it! It's so simple and easy to use. The application will also allow you to preset the stations you want.The Android is the very latest technology in the mobile phone telecommunications market with the likes of Apple i-Phone, Sony Ericsson, Nokia and HTC leading the way.The Android Market allows you to download thousands and thousands of applications ranging from live football scores and footage services to travel maps either for free or for a small fee.So if your phone contract is up for renewal or you just want to buy a new handset then it's well worth investing on an android phone especially if you want to listen to brilliant Sky Blues football commentaries through Mercia and BBC Cov & Warwicks.


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