No Logic In Playing Away From The Ricoh - Jorgensen

13 June 2013 12:43
All too murky for my liking - Jorgensen

Former Coventry City midfielder Claus Jorgensen has said that there is no logic in SISU building a new stadium.

The scorer of the first ever professional goal at the Ricoh Arena told the Coventry Observer's Steve Carpenter; “I really do feel for the fans. It's such a shame to see what is going on at the club.

“When you stop playing football you begin to understand a feel the emotion from supporters because you get closer to them in the stands rather than being on the pitch.

“I can't see any other logic in moving away from the Ricoh. “Where is the logic of the current owners Sisu building a new stadium?

“It has all got a bit too murky for my liking and the fans are the ones that are suffering.

“To me the whole thing has been like a big game of poker – you can't really tell.

“We are all wanting to see what happens over the next few days and weeks because you've got no chance of judging what can happen.”

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Source: Coventry MAD