No Liquidation For City - Fisher

06 December 2012 05:41
Fisher Says No Liquidation

Coventry City CEO Tim Fisher has said that City will not be going into liquidation.

Speaking to the Press Association, Mr Fisher said: "I'll tell you one thing, the club comes first. We are committed to fulfil our fixtures. This isn't about liquidation. This isn't about the club going out of existence, we need to be absolutely crystal about that.

"This is about the club setting up a sustainable business model. We will fulfil our fixtures and, by the way, we have contingencies because we are managing our risks, you have to plan. So if the Ricoh shut the doors, we will play elsewhere. If forced into a corner that's exactly what we'll do. 

 "My message to supporters is there is no liquidation scenario."


Source: Coventry MAD