New Group Blamed For Confrontations

30 September 2013 11:31
One Man's View

I thought I would give my view on the disappointing confrontations that happened towards the end and after the game on Sunday.As a regular attendee on 'Jimmys Hill', I have been able to become good friends with the core group of around 30 or so fans that continue to watch the game from up there.

Each week there tends to be around 50 others who usually visit as a one off.Yesterday (Sunday) was no different. There was a new group of people joining us and as always there was a good atmosphere up there before the game.Towards the end of the game, after some decided to leave Sixfields early,  a few on the hill, some I have not seen up there before, decided to voice their opinions towards fans deciding to go into Sixfields.

Certain fans leaving the ground also voiced their opinions, to me included, although I had not said a bad word. 

We were told by one that we weren't real supporters and that we should support the team.

Unfortunately this caused confrontations, although luckily it was not close to any means of violence.Watching it was heartbreaking, and something you don't expect to see from fellow fans.I hope this doesn't reflect badly on the superbly behaved fans who vacate the hill each home game.

I will continue to make a stance by standing on the hill, but will never make comments towards those who decide to support from home, Sixfields or the hill.

Source: Coventry MAD