More Speaking Work For Leonard Brody

12 June 2012 01:14
The latest sighting of Leonard Brody

Those wondering what has happened to one time Coventry City Director Leonard Brody. Well we can reveal that he is alive and well and still getting public speaklng gigs.

His latest appearance was at the Art Of Leadership Conference in Toronto, Canada last week.

Those who parted with C$399 heard Lenny Boy who charges upto $20,000 for a public appearance, speak about "The Myth Of Generations" and heard him give advice on:

 730 Days From Now – How your life will change over the next two years & how to prepare for it,

Is this Mic On? – Being heard in the millisecond, 5 billion channel universe,

The Myth of Generations – The new science of understanding how to lead in a world that doesn’t want to be led. 

You Rising – The best practices guide to picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and thriving off of failure as well as imparting gems such as "Entrepreneurship is going through a massive rewrite - it is going to be about owning a process not a business."


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