McSheffrey set for return?

18 April 2013 09:09
Positive response to being dropped

Coventry City manager Stephen Pressley is considering recalling Gary McSheffrey to the squad for Saturday's home game against Leyton Orient.

When Pressley became manager of Coventry City he picked Gary McSheffrey in his starting lineup which the Coventry born striker rewarded with a couple of decent games. He then suffered a dip in form and was subsequently dropped, first from the starting eleven then from the matchday squad altogether. He sat out both the Doncaster and Wallsall games on th ebench and didn't even make the squad for the next two games, at home to Brentford and away at Crawley.

It isn't the first time Mcsheffrey has been dropped and was an improved player on his return. Pressley has said he has been impressed with McSheffrey's attitude to being dropped and may give him the nod over other players who have been tried in his absence.

Pressley said, "When I first came in Gary gave a couple of very good performances and then he had a little bit of a disappointment and I thought that looking at him it was the right time to take him out of the group, but his reaction, I’ll be honest with you, has been great and that of a true professional. He hasn’t given us any problems and has trained really, really well so I’ve been pleased with his reaction and he should be pleased with it too." "I have been tinkering with different things just now. I have been playing Franck Moussa on the left and I do like to get real width from one of our wide players and Gary will come into consideration this week because one of the things and I have spoken to him in person about the situation, looking towards the weekend, if we want to get the right blend and balance then he definitely comes into consideration. "He’s been terrific on the training field and not once has he appeared to me to have that summer mentality. He seems very focused just now and I’ve been delighted with that. "I have been pretty transparent with all the players and told them that this is an opportunity to look at the squad because, ultimately, in the summer there needs to be decisions made and I need to have seen enough of all the individuals to make the correct decisions." Another player to miss out last weekend at Crawley was central midfielder Steven Jennings, but Pressley explained: "He’s been great since I have come to the club and I know he’s performed very, very well for the majority of the season. "I didn’t want to take him down to Crawley with no real intent on playing him, so I spoke to him about that and the fact that I was going to give other players the opportunity to prove their worth and give them some first team experience and he fully understood. "He’s played a lot of football, he really has, and been a good player for the club this year."

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Source: Coventry MAD