May You Rot In Hell

05 December 2012 08:33
Your views on the Ricoh Rentgate Latest

There has been plenty of talk since Arena Coventry Limited announced that it had given Coventry City's owners SISU twenty one days to pay up £1.1m that it owes in rent or face being wound up.

Here are some of your comments:

"Those in on the deal in 2005 to move Coventry City into the Ricoh Arena, having sold the 50% stake in Arena Coventry Limited to the Higgs Charity and then agreeing to the rent whilst knowing full well that the income streams were limited, may you rot in hell."

"I tell you what. I was always taught to pay your rent/mortgage before you eat. Sounds like SISU were dining on takeaways for months."

"Anyone who puts blame at the Door of the Council on this one is working from a Galactically low level of Understanding. On one hand its a natural assumption given the civic incompetence we endure, but this disaster is a Sisu production."

"Can you imagine how long the Ricoh would last with CCFC? All sponsors would run a mile (inc Ricoh), hotel/conferences would reduce too."

 "yes the fans deserve better" (Noel Whelan)

"It shows how important it was when 200 of us stood outside the Ricoh protesting, if only more had bothered, why are people surprised??"

"Be interesting who ACL are goin to get to fill the void if we go. 1.2m is a stupid amount to pay. 32k seats facing grass. Good luck"

Source: Coventry MAD