Lucas Wants Seppala Talks

30 July 2013 10:19
Cllr Offers To Meet Seppala

Coventry City Council Leader Ann Lucas has offered to meet SISU Capital Ltd Boss Joy Seppala in a bid to try and end the nonsense of Coventry City moving to the Sixfields Stadium in Northampton.

Cllr Lucas, a former City season ticket holder and City supporter since 1962, has written the following open letter according to the Coventry Telegraph's Les Reid:

“I’m writing this open letter to you today because, as leader of Coventry City Council, I want to do everything in my power to keep our football club playing in our city and make the maximum use of the Ricoh Arena as an engine to drive growth and create jobs in the city.

"None of us wanted to see a day like today when the creditors meeting due to take place later is likely to see an outcome which is not in the interests of the city, ACL (Arena Coventry Limited) or the football club.

“I know that you want the Company Voluntary Agreement (CVA) to be approved today.

“I want a solution that will see the Ricoh Arena continue to develop and flourish with the Sky Blues playing a role in this success.

“I understand you will want to get ownership of at least some of the stadium and access to some match day revenues.

“But you need to understand, on behalf of the city council as freeholder, 50per cent shareholder of ACL and owner of 7.5 acres of development land I will protect the asset of the Ricoh Arena for the city and its people.

“I still think there is a chance that you and I could sit down and hammer out a way forward. I have not been leader of the council very long and I am prepared to take a fresh look at all the issues that have brought us to this stalemate.

“Thousands of Coventry City fans have taken to the streets to express their passion for their club. “Hundreds have told us how they feel. Lawyers have told me not to make public statements about this issue, because of ongoing litigation.

“I am saying to you, woman to woman, that we need to end this nonsense now.

“Give me a call. You have my number. The sooner we meet up the better. I will meet you any time, any place, anywhere.”

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Source: Coventry MAD