London Supporters Club To Compensate Affected Members

16 March 2013 12:03
Some Fans To Be Compensated After Doncaster Game Switch

Coventry City London Supporters Club are to compensate some of their members and members of Sky Blue International who have been affected by the decision at short notice to move Coventry City's home game with Doncaster Rovers.

Jonathan Strange, Chairman, Coventry City London Supporters' Club and Sky Blues International said in a email to members:

Some of you are already aware of the correspondence I have had with the football club consequent to the announcement on Wednesday morning of its decision at extremely short notice to switch the date of the Doncaster fixture.    Some of our members who have already booked unrefundable advanced price train tickets, let alone international members who have paid for air tickets to enable them to attend Sky Blues International Day on Easter Saturday, have been severely inconvenienced.  The football club has not offered any public apology, merely the following statement attributed to the manager: 'It makes perfect sense when so many other games are being played on Good Friday that we move our game to that date.' 'We want the players to have as much time as possible to recover ahead of the important game against Walsall on Easter Monday and we are glad everyone has agreed to this decision.' It is reasonable to ask why such 'perfect sense' only asserted itself 16 days ahead of the game instead, for instance, of 285 days ahead when the fixture was originally published. Clearly, too, the expressed delight that 'everyone has agreed' disdains the possibility that this may not include fans. The football club needs all the support it can get at the moment. Such evident contempt for the paying customer is not very astute. The club has volunteered that it is 'not in a position to offer any refunds' in connection with the travel arrangements.

Coventry City London Supporters' Club has therefore decided to make available some funds to help compensate in some small way those domestic and international members who have been affected. Further announcements will be made.  

Source: Coventry MAD