Legends Day On Saturday

27 February 2013 02:12
Join Over Fifty Former Players

Coventry City Former Player's Association’s annual reunion of the Club’s stars of the past is on Saturday against Swindon Town (2nd March 2013)

Possibly over fifty former players will be returning to the Club to meet up with fans and colleagues on what promises to be a great day with, we hope, some last minute surprises.

Our Sky Blues Stars of the past, ranging from Trevor Lewis who started at Highfield Road in the late 1940s to Claus Bech Jorgensen who scored the first Ricoh goal in 2005, will be lunching at the Arena from noon, will grace the stadium’s lounges during the afternoon, will be welcomed onto the pitch for their annual ‘team photo’ by the half-time crowd and will appear for a rendition of the Sky Blue Song on the stage of Lady G’s in the G-Casino after the game.  

To date these are the FPs (or family members representing late FPS) whose attendance at Legends  Day 2013 is confirmed (or is very probable). Watch out for an updated list just before Legends Day itself. In strictly alphabetical order we hope to see:-

Bob Allen; Roy Barry; Dave Bennett; Eric Black; Ken Brown; Dietmar Bruck; Dave Busst ; Gerry Baker: Willie Carr; Ken Cornbill; Paul Culpin; Peter Denton; Dean Emerson; Ron Farmer; Kevin Gallacher; Ian Goodwin; Bobby Gould; Trevor Gould; Micky Gynn; Marcus Hall; Lol Harvey; Jimmy Holmes;  Peter Hormantschuk; Ernie Hunt;  Lee Hurst; Claus Bech Jorgensen; Trevor Lewis;   John Mason (George Mason’s son),  Steve Morgan; Graham Newton;  Dennis Oakes;  Steve Ogrizovic; Brian Nicholas; Barry Powell; Billy Rafferty; Brian Roberts;  Ken Satchwell;  Gordon Simms: David Smith; Colin Stein: Kirk Stephens; Bill Tedds; Alan Turner; Ronnie Waldock; Graham Walker; Ian Wallace; Bob Wesson; Noel Whelan; John Williams; Peter Wyer and Quintin Young.




Source: Coventry MAD


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