King Won't Be Put Off By Defenders Sledging - Wood

24 September 2010 11:38
Player Abuse Won't Affect Marlon - Wood Coventry City defender Richard Wood has said that he feels striker Marlon King will not be put off his game by opposing defenders indulging in the time honoured tradition of sledging.Making comments designed to put your opponent off his game has long been part of a defender's armoury but Richard Wood feels this won't be a problem and told the CT: "That happens all the time but you learn to deal with it. "When strikers talk to me, I ignore them - I'm too busy watching the ball and getting on with the game."I've played against Kingy before and I've got to know him these last few weeks, so I'm sure it won't bother him if defenders try to wind him up."He's more than capable of playing well and getting goals which is what really counts, so I don't think he'll take any notice."