King will answer critics with goals

22 September 2010 09:44
Boothroyd: "It is time to keep quiet and let him get on with playing" Coventry City boss Aidy Boothroyd has said that his controversial new striker Marlon King will answer his critics by scoring goals. It is almost inevitable that King will have extra pressures heaped onto his shoulders. He has to score goals almost from the very start, he has to cope with sledging from opposition defenders and from home and away fans as well. When asked how King would cope, Aidy Boothroyd said, “It is a difficult question to answer and I am pretty much done with talking about Marlon." "It is time to keep quiet and let him get on with playing. He’ll score goals and that will answer it. That’s it! That’s his job and what I don’t want it to be is a media circus because it isn’t all about Marlon King." "It is about Coventry City improving on what they have done in the last ten years and he can be a key part of that". There will be no press conference to introduce King to the public. There will be no fanfare, other than the furore already surrounding the signing of King, he will continue his training behind the fences at Ryton and on match days, he will be either on the field of play or on the bench. Boothroyd was asked if the club are protecting King from the press and public and he replied, “I don’t think it is a case of protecting him." "When you are who he is you tend to attract attention anyway because he is a good footballer. So I think it is best that we let his football do the talking now. At this moment in time there have been a lot of words written about the subject and it’s up to Marlon now." // '); // ]]> “We have got to get everything underlined, organised and agreed subject to the FA and Football League giving their approval, which I am sure will come, and then it is about him working hard and getting himself fit and putting other players under pressure." “He just comes into the group. He has settled in very well and it is just about playing football and working hard to win games.”