King 'really pleased' to get contract offer

29 April 2011 10:13
Thorn has high hopes that trio will sign Coventry City manager Andy Thorn has revealed that when he handed Marlon King a copy of the new contract, he looked "really pleased". One of the first things Thorn did when he became the new manager of Coventry City was personally hand new contracts to the tree high profile players that can leave the club in July as their contract will have expired by then. King, Westwood and Gunnarsson weer all offered new deals by Thorn yesterday and he has high hopes that all three will agree to what he described as good offers.  Thorn revealed that when he handed the contract to King, "Kingy looked really pleased and shook my hand and said that he was really pleased with it. He loves it here." "Aron was the same and I think we have got a good chance with them and I want all three of them to sign." "They have got good offers and we want them to stay but we are in the world of football and if people think that’s not enough then so be it and they will go with our blessing and we will get our heads down and bring other people in, but we want them to be part of what we are doing at the football club." Thorn hopes that the three payers will agree to stay at Coventry City, but if they choose to leave, they will do so with his blessing as he has ideas who he wants to bring in as replacements. "They are good lads and we love them to death and want them here but I have got to think about the club as well and we won’t be left short going into pre-season, that’s for sure," he said "They are good players and that’s why everyone wants them but we will want decisions from them. If nothing happens we’ll have to move on and plan ahead. "If they stay, fantastic, and that’s our number one priority. And if they don’t then our number two priority is to replace them as quickly as possible."