King Can't Wait To Sign

07 September 2010 09:23
Striker is desperate to play for Boothroyd Controversial striker Marlon King, who since his release from prison at the end of July, has been training with Coventry City is getting ever closer to signing a deal with the club.King's agent Tony Finnigan, said to the CT: "From Marlon's point of view he can't wait to sign for Coventry. He wants to sign and is desperate to rekindle his relationship with Aidy Boothroyd. I understand it is imminent and we are very hopeful."City boss Aidy Boothroyd is as keen to sign King as the player is apparently to sign for Coventry, but as yet, there is no deal done, but the speculation is rife that King will be in a Coventry City side to face Leicester on Saturday.Finnigan continued: "He has been training with the club and had 45 minutes in a behind closed doors match last week and was due to play 75 minutes today and we have been told that he will be in contention to play at the weekend, but he can't be in the squad without signing.""I can't see any reason why it won't happen and from my conversations with the manager and chairman everything is in hand. I wish I could say he's signing at 10am tomorrow. I hope there isn't a spanner in the works because he really wants to work with this man."Finnigan said that King had taken care of his fitness while he was in prison by eating correctly and doing physical exercise."He trained twice a day and ate all the right things while he was inside," he said. "So while a lot of people go straight into the weights room he was doing a lot of cardiovascular work and running and came out at his playing weight."// ');// ]]>"I can't wait for him to sign and will certainly be having a bet on him being first scorer when he plays."Finnigan believes that King is waiting for Coventry to make the final decision about offering him a contract as he wants to play for Boothroyd, but if he is rejected by The Sky Blues he will look elsewhere, but he is confident that if a deal at Coventry fails to materialise, he will be playing at a Premier League club.A confident Finnigan said: "If Coventry say no then I guarantee he will get a Premier League club within 48 hours. "But Marlon is looking at the bigger picture which is who he can trust and who he can work with and that answer is Aidy Boothroyd."I have watched the team play their last couple of games and they are lacking a goalscorer and a talisman who will get hold of the team and lift it 40-50% and that's exactly what Marlon will do." Finnigan expects King will sign a one year contract if he does sign for Coventry City.