Keep Coventry In Coventry Strategy Update

01 October 2013 12:20
KCIC Update

KCIC Strategy Joy Seppala has now made clear that she will only return to the Ricoh if she gains ownership of the Arena • There is no evidence that the Higgs Charity and Coventry City Council are willing to sell to sisu • We can expect absolutely no help from the Football League • Bottom line is we remain in Northampton with record low crowds So what do we do next?Not One Penny More continues to be a key tactic but we also need to think in terms of how to get CCFC out of the current mess. Calling on all sides to talk feels like flogging a dead horse – if they wanted to talk they’ve had every opportunity to do so including offers of arbitration. Some people say the Higgs Charity and Coventry Council should be urged to sell the Ricoh to SISU but many supporters oppose that and the Council has to consider the interests of council taxpayers not just City fans so that seems unlikely. The idea of a Phoenix/AFC club means saying CCFC is no longer our team and giving up the fight and not many people think we’re at that point yet. We could always just wait and see - Seppala has promised that a new stadium will be built but there remains deep scepticism about that and even if one was built how many supporters would be left by the time it was completed?What about thinking in terms of an exit strategy for sisu?Seppala says she wants return on her investment but what she is currently getting is losses increasing week on week, mounting scrutiny of sisu and herself e.g. Private Eye, Parliamentary motions and calls for an Independent Inquiry (see below). CCFC is homeless, debt-laden and asset-light. Many people are puzzled why, when there are potential buyers, Seppala does not save further losses and agree a sale. With supporter-led ownership models becoming increasingly common, options are even available for Seppala to recapture some of sisu's reputational losses by talking to supporters and exploring possible ways forward.So what might an exit strategy for sisu look like? Ideas welcome! The end of Jimmy’s Hill? And watch CCFC v Sheffield Utd 13 October in Coventry!Yesterday (Sunday), hundreds of City fans with very different views of the current situation were again at Sixfields and as in previous weeks acted impeccably. Given the divisions created by the rival acl-sisu spin machines such behaviour by City fans is admirable. A handful abused each other at the end of the game, gaining wholly disproportionate media and internet attention. I refuse to give them any more attention whatsoever but this does raise a number of issues. Confrontation at Sixfields was always a possibility and as soon as it happens that becomes the story and the kcic message is drowned out. So for the live Sky game v Sheffield United I am investigating a suitable venue where anyone who wants to can meet together to watch the match on a big screen, in Coventry. Anyone up for it?Also, is it time to ditch the name ‘Jimmy’s Hill’? Given events there yesterday and the terribly sad news about JH’s health shouldn’t we be thinking of a true Sky Blue hero in terms of the magnificent statue at the Ricoh not a grotty bank down in Northampton?For completeness, Kev Kelly is still seeing if he can organise something small scale at Northampton for 13 October that will get media coverage for our plight but avoids any potential confrontation between City fans. Event at Coventry Cathedral?I have raised with Coventry Cathedral whether there is a possibility of holding some kind of special event for City fans – a candlelight vigil maybe – perhaps on a theme of reconciliation for all those involved in CCFC. Possibly an attempt at recreating the great spirit of the Broadgate rally in another appropriate setting. Comments welcomed. Independent InquiryThe Independent Inquiry initiative remains a key part of the KCIC strategy and has been narrowed down to two possible options. These are being worked through and progress is being made. And finally on a personal note, I had very much hoped to be stepping down as KCIC coordinator but it looks like I’m in too deep to walk away that easily so you’re stuck with me for a bit longer! 

Source: Coventry MAD