Keep Coventry In Coventry Co-Ordinator Stands Down

20 September 2013 12:03
Change Of Front Man

The co-ordinator of campaign group Keep Coventry In Coventry has announced that he is standing down.

Michael Orton has issued the following statement:

It has been an honour and a privilege to coordinate the kcic campaign and it is a sign of success that the campaign is now simply too big for one person.

The only good thing for me out of the whole sorry mess with CCFC has been that through kcic I have met some truly wonderful City fans prepared to put their head above the parapet and stand together whether in Coventry, London or on Jimmy’s Hill to fight for our Club.

The campaign was started by Jim Smits who had the idea of nopm and decided to do something about it. Nopm was so successful Jim could no longer manage the amount of work required so asked the Sky Blue Trust Board to take over and I, then as a Trust Board member, ended up as coordinator (subsequently I’ve focused so much on kcic that in reality I ceased being a member of the Trust Board several months ago).

But now it’s my turn to say that the amount of work required on the campaign is too great for me and it needs a team of people. I have worked on the basis of chucking out ideas and people chipping in with help as they can.

Such an ad hoc approach worked remarkably well but for the campaign to develop further this is no longer feasible. In terms of what next, watch this space! Trust members of course can remain active and I would strongly encourage anyone who isn’t already in the Trust to join asap at because it is an excellent group – just remember the 7,000 strong march and rally and the Legend’s game.

The bad news is I won’t be disappearing altogether and I look forward to seeing plenty of you on Saturday at Port Vale, on Jimmy’s Hill on 13 October and who knows where else!Cheers,Michael

Source: Coventry MAD