Keep Coventry In Coventry Campaign To Be Mothballed

19 October 2013 12:12
End For KCIC

The result was absolutely overwhelming: mothballing kcic and handing plans for current kcic initiatives over to the Sky Blue Trust was supported by 98.7% of people.

So a very big thank you to everyone who responded and apologies that the volume of emails is such that I cannot reply to them all - a sign in itself that the informal kcic set-up has reached its limit - but just to respond to three points a few people raised. Sorry if the last mass email was rather downbeat but for some reason the Villa advert really got to me - it was a bit of a 'after more than 40 years supporting City I never thought I'd see something like this' moment!   The numbers on the hill on Sunday were good, and certainly enough to get coverage on Sky - my negativity was that the opportunity for bigger numbers plus one large scale event in Coventry, with the much greater media interest that would have generated, was lost. That was due to lack of a single voice for fans.   And I remain very much up for the fight but I am a pragmatist and have to recognise that the informal kcic approach has reached its limits. Something like the Independent Inquiry initiative is just too big and way too important to be done on an ad hoc basis.So I'll let the Sky Blue Trust Board know the result of the poll and await their response. In the meantime, look forward to seeing people at Wolves and/or Walsall.PUSB!Cheers,Michael 

Source: Coventry MAD