Keep Cov In Cov - SISU Here We Come

23 July 2013 12:07
Protest In London On Thursday Inspired by Saturday’s massive 7,000 strong march and rally against Coventry City FC being moved to Northampton, a group of Sky Blue fans are now taking the ‘Keep Cov in Cov’ message direct to SISU boss Joy Seppala in her London offices this Thursday, 25 July at 4pm.


'‘Saturday was absolutely awesome” said Campaign Coordinator, Michael Orton, “and we want to really build on that and keep the momentum going”. City Fans will meet at SISU’s office at 1 Red Place close to London’s Oxford Street and hand deliver a giant sized postcard to Ms Seppala with the ‘Keep Cov in Cov’ message on. Mr Orton commented, “it would be great to have 5,000 people again but for something like this numbers don’t matter. It’s just nagging away and getting our opposition to the Northampton move out there in as many ways as possible. Last week we did a similar thing at the Football League’s London office and the sight of a handful of blokes from Coventry had them looking well worried!”.


It is now less than two weeks till the new season kicks off and City fans are determined to do everything they can to stop the move to Northampton’s Sixfields ground going ahead. Mr Orton explained: “the pressure on SISU and the Football League is growing by the day. We need to keep telling them again and again how much we oppose the move to Northampton, whether it’s 5,000 fans at the rally in Coventry, a handful in London or sending emails and making phone calls. Every action – however big or small – keeps hammering home the message that we will fight this every step of the way”.


Anyone interested in joining the protest this Thursday, 25 July 4pm at SISU’s office in Red Place London W1K 6PL can get further details by emailing or call/text 07716 406 221.


Source: Coventry MAD