Keep Cov In Cov Protest March

17 July 2013 11:23
March On Saturday On Saturday 20th July the Sky Blue Trust is calling on the fans of Coventry City and the citizens of Coventry to join them in sending a message to the Football League“Keep Cov in Cov”


We ask people to assemble in Gosford Green from 12.00 noon. Gosford Green is the site of where Singers FC, the club that became Coventry City FC, played their first match 130 years ago. The march will set off at 12.30pm, lead by Lady Godiva upon her horse, along a 1 mile route into Broadgate in the city centre. In Broadgate there will be a rally where it is planned to have speakers, former players, politicians, even music from local bands.


Together we can send a powerful message to the Football League to reverse their ludicrous and dangerous decision to allow our owner, Joy Seppala, to take Coventry City FC out of Coventry to play our “home” games in Northampton. This decision is completely unwelcome by thousands of supporters, as highlighted by the various polls and petitions – even the clubs own survey showed that over 75% of supporters would not travel the 70 mile round trip to watch their team.


No one disputes the clubs right to build a new stadium, some may question the financial sense of it but if that is their decision then let them get on and build it. What concerns the Sky Blue Trust and many other supporters is what will be left of the club in 3 or more likely 5 years time to put in a new stadium? Whilst we are away from Coventry attendances will likely plummet, young fans will be alienated, many older fans will be precluded because of the journey, overall support will dwindle, therefore finances will dwindle and in this age of SCMP the money available to spend on the playing squad will decrease. Lack of success on the field seems inevitable. Coventry City FC could very quickly disappear altogether. Stay in Coventry – no other option makes sense.


In stark terms this move will kill a 130 year old institution, a club with a rich and varied history, all for what? There is a state of the art stadium in Coventry that has been the home of the club since 2005 and with a modicum of goodwill and cooperation there is no reason why the club cannot continue to play there whilst the club moves forward with its plans.


Not only will this move affect the supporters but it will also drain millions of pounds from the local economy with job losses, people not spending on match days, no income for taxis, buses, pubs, restaurants, hotels etc. This nonsensical move will affect the whole city not just the supporters of Coventry City FC.


The Football League needs to wake up to its responsibilities and immediately withdraw its permission for a ground share. They have to remember that football belongs to the supporters and not to big business, realise that whilst fulfilling their fixtures maybe important, the integrity and future of the game is more important. If they want to create a franchise model for football then they can allow this ground share to go ahead but if they do it shows they are unfit to run the national game and the Sky Blue Trust will add its voice to the growing call for government legislation over the governance of football.


The message this march and rally will send is Keep Cov In Cov. There is nothing more important than keeping the club playing in Coventry, this is not a matter of liking or disliking the owner Joy Seppala or her company SISU or the council or ACL, as they all have had a part to play in dragging the club to this sorry state of affairs. This is aimed at getting a simple yet vital message to the Football League “Keep Cov in Cov”.




Source: Coventry MAD