Keep City In Coventry

26 June 2013 12:59
Trust Press Release

‘Keep Coventry in Coventry!’ is the rallying call for the Sky Blue Trust’s next protest against plans for CCFC home games to be played outside the City.

Trust spokesman Moz Baker explained: “it’s really important fans keep up as much pressure as possible to stop the plan of moving Coventry City outside the City of Coventry, which we know from the Telegraph’s poll and our own members is massively opposed by supporters”. 

Building on its recent successful London protest, the Trust’s next event will be at 12 noon Saturday 29 June by the Jimmy Hill Statue at the Ricoh Arena.

The event will be based on Tim Fisher's recent suggestion that fans should erect a statue of Joy Seppala. Supporters will therefore unveil a 'statue' of Ms Seppala so people can look at the Jimmy Hill statue and think of all he achieved for Coventry City and perhaps then reflect on the current owner’s plan to move home games out of Coventry.

It’s a light hearted way of conveying the very serious message that we must keep Coventry in Coventry.”

The Sky Blue Trust is so concerned about the threat to move games outside Coventry that it is branding its campaign as ‘Keep Coventry in Coventry – NOT ONE PENNY MORE!’ and is encouraging its members not to buy CCFC shirts or other merchandise until it is confirmed home fixtures will be played at the Ricoh. 

For Saturday’s protest there is intrigue as to what the ‘statue’ of Joy Seppala will look like given that there are no public photographs of her (apart from one on this site) and she has never met with fans, despite invitations from the Trust to do so.

However the Trust is keeping tight lipped. People will just have to come along to the unveiling 12 noon on Saturday at the Ricoh Arena and see for themselves!


Source: Coventry MAD