KCIC - What's It All About?

01 September 2013 12:56
Keep Coventry In Coventry Campaign News Keep Coventry City FC in Coventry CampaignWhat's it All About? The Keep Cov in Cov (kcic) view  Coventry City FC belongs in the City of Coventry - it is where the Club was founded and has been its home for 130 years There is no concrete plan for CCFC to return to Coventry Action by supporters can change things - if we do nothing then nothing will change, but if we try we at least have a chance The kcic approach Any action must always be 100% peaceful It is vital to keep our plight and fight in the public eye Pressure must be brought to bear on those with the power to get CCFC playing in Coventry Arguing about who is to blame for our plight is not the best use of kcic resources – it divides not unites fans and much key information remains a matter of conjecture not fact   Comments and ideas are always very welcome but kcic operates by people doing stuff not just talking about it! The most important part of any suggestion is what you can do to help make it happen! Kcic's next activities are as follows It's time for anIndependentInquiry!  Kcic is calling for an Independent Inquiry into the causes of the problems facing CCFC and for all the parties and individuals involved to be called to account. There are a number of options for doing this, and for a public launch of the initiative, which are being considered. Details will be published shortly.  London Events: 11 and 25 Sept With several key players - sisu, the Football League, the FA etc - based in London, it is important to hold events in the capital. Next London events are planned for Wednesday 11 September and Wednesday 25 September. Both will be from around 4pm to 6pm,  with this time slot being so people from Coventry can get cheap trains and do it in half a day, while London-based City fans can hopefully nip out of work a bit early! Details of 11 and 25 September will be publicised nearer the time.The photograph above is from the most recent kcic London event, held on 28 August, which saw the:  best turnout so far for a London event, especially from London-based City fans   best media coverage so far in London: Sky, BBC, a London paper and couple of freelancers, plus interviews on CWR breakfast and drivetime shows  first time we got coverage in a specialist financial newspaper  Plus:   Brilliant to meet yet more great City supporters Fantastic atmosphere Excellent post match drink and very lively discussion and exchanges of views!         ACL-FL-SISU   It's Time to Talk!Family FriendlyPicnicon Jimmy's HillSunday8 September    'Acl-FL-Sisu: It's time to talk' will be the theme for a great chance to get national attention for our plight with a family-friendly 'Picnic on Jimmy's Hill' adjacent to the sixfields ground on Sunday 8 September.  That weekend is an international break so there are no Premier League matches and the media will be looking for stories. The wonderful City supporting people at coachleasing.com are laying on their double-decker Sky Blue bus for Keep Cov in Cov (details below). Let's recreate a small-scale version of the incredible atmosphere at the Legends game at the Ricoh!To be dead clear, this is absolutely NOT about dissuading people from going inside sixfields or any confrontation of any kind. It is just a great opportunity to attract national attention to the kcic message - 100% peaceful and making our voice heard in a positive way.The kcic return fare on the coachleasing.com Sky Blue bus will be £5 and under 16s FREE. To book a ticket you must email your name, address and contact phone number tokeepcovincov@gmail.com and full details will then be provided.Follow kcic.On FacebookOn Twitter at @notonepennymoreAnd (when there's a spare 5 mins to update it!) at the kcic website  Cheers,MichaelMichael OrtonKeep Cov in Cov Campaign Coordinator

Source: Coventry MAD