Jennings Slams Preston's Pitch

28 January 2013 10:03
Midfielder Unhappy With State Of Preston's Pitch

Coventry City midfielder Steven Jennings has rightly criticised the state of Preston North End's pitch.

The Deepdale playing surface, in the parts that had grass on it, had marks left by a tractor and Jennings told the Coventry Telegraph's Andy Turner:

“The pitch was terrible – hard in some places, soft and sticky in others; there was no bounce to it so the ball just died.

“The lads have already flagged that up because there are tractor marks on the pitch and how they can be there is beyond me.

“I don’t see how you’d ever train at your ground when you are playing League One games and the pitches aren’t great as it is. Even in the bad weather you’d think they’d find somewhere else to train whether it is indoor or whatever.

“Our training ground has been a foot under snow but we’ve managed to clear a space to train – there’s no excuse for training at your stadium pitch and making it worse.”

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Source: Coventry MAD