It's Not Time To Panic - Kilbane

02 August 2012 11:47
Kilbane calls for calm heads Coventry City defensive/midfielder Kevin Kilbane has said the City supporters at Wrexham on Tuesday were probably wondering what was going on following the 4-1 defeat.   Speaking to the CT's Andy Turner, Kilbane said; “I think we all recognise that supporters come a long way to follow us and the people who went to Wrexham the other night probably went home wondering what’s going on.   “They are probably asking questions of myself and everyone of the team that was out there, but we are grounded and we’re not going to get too high or too low. It is only a pre-season game but we do know that we have got a lot of hard work to do, without a shadow of a doubt.     “We haven’t scored enough goals in the last few games and we’re conceding a few, and that’s disappointing.   "A new back four does take time to gel and hopefully over these coming weeks we will be working extremely hard on collective shape, where individuals are going to stand and little basics really.   “Sometimes it comes down to fine tweaking and the other night we didn’t do what would be considered the negative things such as clearing the ball into the stand. We didn’t do anything well and that’s what we have to put right.   “We need to look at it individually but also collectively as a team which is the key to it. It’s not really rocket science.   "We’re probably not recognising what each other is capable of doing yet and we’re still a new team coming together. But we need to very quickly because we have only got a couple of weeks.”   He added: “It’s not time to panic. It’s time for calm heads and lots of hard work. We will be working on the team ethic, how the team is going to go and get goals and how the team is going to stop balls going in the back of the net at the other end.   “It’s not a time to get stressed out about things and we won’t do that. We have got a few experienced players in there who won’t be getting stressed about it but we are realistic in that we know we haven’t got a lot of time to put things right.”   Read More   n Association with Coventry Based Website: Facebook: Twitter: @iglooshopping     Picture copyright of Covsupport News Service. Credit CNS/SB