Its All About Players Not Facilities - Pressley

07 September 2013 11:13
City Boss on Develping Players Not Facilities

Coventry City manager Steven Pressley feels that the Elite Player Performance Plan should be more about player development than investing in facilities.

The Sky Blues are in talks to move back to the Alan Higgs Centre in Allard Way in order to fully fulfill the criteria of the Academy's Category 2 licence as although as good as the facilities at Warwick University etc are, they do not meet certain aspects of the licence.

Speaking to the CT's Alan Poole, Pressley said:  “I genuinely don’t believe in this EPPP (Elite Player Performance Plan) business which demands that you invest so much money in your facilities.

“Teams shouldn’t be judged on how good their facilities are, they should be judged on the development of their young players, how many of them are getting into your first team.

"That’s the important thing, not how good your pitches or your indoor facilities are but how well your coaches can accelerate that pathway – that’s how teams should be rewarded.

“I want to win games of football, win trophies and bring success to this club,” he said.

“Success for me is not to develop two or three players and sell them for millions of pounds so you have to go again. Success is bringing through young players who can help us move through the levels.”

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Source: Coventry MAD