Ipswich Trust Backing City Supporters

22 July 2013 12:14
Trust Get Backing

The Ipswich Town Supporters Trust are backing Coventry City supporters in the fight to stay in Coventry.

The Ipswich Town Trust have released the following statement:

"The Ipswich Town Supporters Trust sends support and best wishes to our friends at the Sky Blue Trust, who continue to fight for their club to remain in Coventry. The situation at Coventry has, yet again, highlighted how vulnerable football clubs can be to the actions of irresponsible owners: it’s inevitably the supporters who suffer when things go wrong. We salute the determined efforts of the Sky Blue Trust and hope that they succeed in bringing the club back to the city, along with a more transparent and sustainable ownership structure.

I"t’s interesting to see that, whilst the various mysterious groups with a financial interest in Coventry City are squabbling with each other, supporters of rival clubs are united: we note with respect the clear and dignified response from the Northampton Town Supporters Trust to the difficult position that their club and its supporters have been placed in.

"We also note with disappointment the Football League’s ineffectual stewardship of its own heritage and tradition: in a year when the League is marking its 125th anniversary, it’s saddening to see the League sanction Coventry’s proposed move to Northampton. Once again, it’s left to supporters to preserve the spirit of community and locality that defines the game; clearly it’s not something that can be trusted to investors or administrators."

Source: Coventry MAD