In Hoffman I Trust

27 August 2011 08:29
Supporter Comment It was the news Cov fans feared. The Hoffman bid has fallen through. Im gutted but I'm still waiting to hear the response from Gary Hoffman or Joe Elliott. I can only hope the small print can be sorted. With Garys financial expertise I'm sure it can. In Hoffman I trust.What ever happens the fight to get SISU out must continue. When we can't afford to sign Adam Le Fondre for 350k it shows how bad things are. This was Andy Thorns number one transfer target and the Board didn't back him. Our bid was described by the Rotherham Chairman as a "joke".You have got to feel for Andy Thorn. He's had no transfer kitty at all to bring in any players. Is the best we can hope for a free or a loan deal. The side are crying out for a striker and in Le Fondre you had a guy who knows where the back of the net is. Andy wanted him, SISU/Board should have got him.Personally I've had enough. All this speculation is doing my head in. I've never known Cov fans to be so low. I dread transfer deadline day. If the likes of Sammy, Turner or Juke Box are sold where does that leave us? Andy said he hoped to bring in one player, if that was Le Fondre then his number one choice has gone.I don't blame Andy or the team, I don't think anyone does. It's like running a team with your hands tied & the team are giving it everything. At Palace you could see how much it meant.My message to SISU is clear. LEAVE. Sort it out with Hoffman and leave. He is a fan who wants the Club. None of the Board are Cov fans, some haven't even been to a game. You have no idea what Cov City means to the fans and it's hell watching the Club die on it's feet. At Derby there are plans for a mass demonstration. Surely you don't want that in front of the sky cameras and the watching millions. Do the right thing and sort out a deal. And whatever you do don't sell any players before the transfer deadline day.Play up sky blues 


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