I'm Ready To Take Charge - Thorn

24 April 2011 11:44
Thorn will take the job if offered it Coventry City Caretaker Andy Thorn has said that he is ready to take over as full time manager if the club want him to.Thorn is on a five man short list and so far nothing has been said by the current board about next season.Speaking to the Sunday Mercury, Andy Thorn said: "I've said all along that I will do the job the club asked me to and wait for them to decide whether they want me to carry on through the summer."I have done most of the scouting work on players and targets and stuff like that, so all I need to do now is sit down and see where we stand with players who are out of contract. I'm ready to take that on board if and when the club want me to."But, yes, it's great having a glass of wine and a chat with the opposition manager afterwards and so far everybody has been very complimentary which is always nice."