I'm Hussling Marlon King - Clarke

23 September 2010 10:55
Enterprising Jordan on boot cleaning Coventry City defender Jordan Clarke has admitted that he is hussling Marlon King.Clarke is cleaning King's boots but for a price. Speaking to the CT, the defender joked: "The academy boys used to clean the boots when they were based at Ryton, but now they are no longer there the younger lads like me do it. But it is not something we have to do and basically we are the hustlers and we only do it for cash. If a senior player wants their boots doing then they have to agree a price with us first, either a monthly fee or in a bundle at the end of the season - that's how it works.I have to clean my boots anyway so it is no problem doing a couple of other pairs while I am at it and the likes of Nathan Cameron and Callum Wilson do the same."Picture copyright of Covsupport News Service. Credit CNS/SB