I'm Disappointed - Hughes

18 November 2012 12:15
Opposing Manager's View

Hartlepool United First Team Coach John Hughes has admitted that he was disappointed with his side's 5-0 defeat to Coventry City at Victoria Park.

Hughes, watched his side be ripped apart in the second half by a rampant Sky Blues side and even suffered a taunting from the City support.

Speaking to the Press Association, Hughes said: "This has identified some issues for me - a real baptism of fire.

"Two things I'm disappointed about - our heads went down when we conceded and of course the result.

"One goes in and we have something. First 30 minutes we had the excitement of a new manager, a lot of it off the cuff by design.

"Then they got their foot on the ball and came right into it by design. They got one, our heads went and confidence went and they won convincingly - it's a great disappointment."

Source: Coventry MAD


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