I'll Make The Players Analyse The DVD - Millen

18 September 2010 11:00
Opposing manager's view of the game Bristol City manager Keith Millen has said that he will make his players analyse the dvd of their 2-1 defeat to Coventry City.Speaking to Bristol City Player, Millen said: "The players are going to analyse the DVD themselves and then come in on Monday to talk about"If they can come to me and say they deserve to be in the team then great but I'll be interested to hear what they've got to say."Talking about the game, the Bristol City boss whose side are still without a home victory, said: "I was pleased with the start and wanted us to be on the front foot. But when we get in the final third we want people being dangerous. We put some good balls into the box but there was no one in there to finish it."Too many people are moving out of dangerous areas to get involved in the play. Even though I was quite comfortable with how we were playing, I wanted us to be creating more chances."I felt we dealt with the aerial threat quite well but I didn't expect to see us undone by the pace of Clive Platt. He's (Platt) been a good forward over the years but he's not known for his pace."I've not seen the goal again. If it's offside then the officials have let us down, but if he's onside then it's unacceptable defending."Our equaliser showed that if you get somebody in the box with a bit of desire to get a head on the ball, like Marv has, then you've got a chance."Marv is in the dressing room afterwards with a host of bumps and bruises because he's the one that's looked the most dangerous for us."Their winner has come from a free kick, which was softly given away. I haven't seen it again but I believe we were blocked off and their guy's got in round the back. Even then we still had the chance to defend the second ball and we didn't."We dominated the game in the second half with a lot of balls into the box, but there wasn't the desire to score the goals."For all the faults it was still a game we should have got something from. If it had been a draw then we would have deserved it."