If We Can It Round And Break Even - Dulieu

01 August 2011 06:13
City Chairman believes losses can be turned round Coventry City Chairman Ken Dulieu believes that if the club can be turned round and it starts to break even, then the club will be worth a lot more to anyone interested in buying the club. Speaking to BBC Coventry & Warwickshire, Mr Dulieu is quoted as saying: I will be going to Gary but this isn't about one individual.  "There are a number of other investors. My job is to listen to anybody who has proof of funds and prepared to invest."We've managed to get substantial sums out of them [current owners SISU] and they're prepared to continue funding this club. "As long as we perform, and that's not just me, I believe they will continue to do so because they don't particularly want to lose their money. They'd quite like to get it back. "If we're losing half-a-million pounds a month, what is the club worth? If you don't own the stadium, not a lot. "If we turn it around and we start to break even it's going to be worth substantially more. "I've managed to convince them, with my board colleagues, that that is achievable.