I Wouldn't Change A Thing About My Decision - Pressley

07 July 2013 01:20
Pressley Interview

Steven Pressley has said he would not change a thing about his decision to become the manager of Coventry City.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Pressley said: “I still wouldn’t change a thing about my decision.

“It’s been tough but I knew what I was getting into and even if sometimes you don’t appreciate how deep-rooted the problem is until you’re down here, I still wouldn’t have run in the other direction if I’d known then what I know now.

“Because if we can get through this period there’s a great football club here.

“Everyone talks about Coventry being a big club but people need to open their eyes.

“I’ve looked at the last 15 years before this season – 11 in the Championship, four in the Premiership – and they’ve only finished in the top half of whatever division they’ve been in three times.

“Eighth, 11th and 12th are their best finishes and the average is below 16th. So there’s a little bit of blindness over the actual size of the club.

“They’re big in that potentially they have a large fanbase and for decades they were a permanent fixture in the top division. But in recent history and in terms of achievement and turnover we’re not a big club.

“We hoped we could avoid administration when we came in and we got ourselves to within three points of the play-offs in the first three games.

“Then we got hit with the 10-point penalty. For me, in the door a month or so, it was a disappointment.

“For the players and supporters who’d endure 40 weeks of a long hard season? It was like cutting their legs away.

“They were within touching distance and had it taken away. We had momentum and lost it.

“The only benefit was that with a 34-man squad, and us being safe, it gave me the opportunity to rotate players and have a look at what was ahead of us.

“We had 10 players coming out of contract and a number on loan. We also have a terrific training base and stadium, a great fanbase and huge potential – and we need to turn it around.

“I’ve looked at other clubs like Southampton and Norwich who spiralled downwards the way we did and then when they turned it around, and got the support behind the team, anything is possible.”

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Source: Coventry MAD