I Was Involved In Hill Confrontation

30 September 2013 06:37
One Man's View

An account from someone involved in the preventable confrontation on Jimmy's Hill after Coventry City's defeat to Brentford

"I've seen a few threads regarding fans 'fighting' at the game yesterday, and I was the guy involved, so I'd like to let everybody know what actually happened.

I came out of the ground from behind the goal, and was subjected to boos and a few unsavoury comments from those on the hill. Feeling a bit pissed off after our loss, I charged straight up the grass verge, and invited those fans to 'say it to my face'. Four of the protesters rounded on meand told me I was a 'fucking scab' and was killing the club, and tried to goad me into hitting one of them.

Nothing actually happened, other than a few verbal threats, and a couple of policemen came over and split us up. I was told to wait to one side while the guys from the hill were dealt with. I don't know what happened then, as I made an exit in the direction of the six fields tavern, and the police didn't try to stop me from leaving. A few angry words were exchanged between the guys from the hill and the police, but as I say I don't know exactly what was said.

I was very angry and this was rather out of character for me, but I regard these people as bullies, and wonder if they would be so happy to make comments to my face if they weren't outnumbering me 4 to 1.


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Source: Coventry MAD