I Want To Thank The Fans - Carsley

02 July 2013 09:54
Carsley thanks City Support

Lee Carsley has said that he wants to thank the Coventry City supporters for their backing of him.

Speaking to the club website, Carsley, who has left to join his mate David Weir at Sheffield United, said: "The fans have always supported me and I felt they really got behind me and the lads when I was caretaker manager for a short while and I felt the squad became tighter as a result of that. 

"I want to thank the fans for the way they got behind me and the team and it was just a shame we could not get that one more goal in the JPT area final at Crewe."

Full story; http://www.ccfc.co.uk/news/article/carsley-bids-his-farewells-891331.aspx?



Source: Coventry MAD


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