I Want To Give Something Back - Norwood

16 March 2012 09:54
Norwood wants a return for City fans support

Coventry City's on loan midfielder Oliver Norwood has said that he wants to give something back to City's long suffering fans.

Speaking to the CT's Andy Turner, Norwood said: "We care about this club.

"Both Alex and I have come here with the attitude that we want to drag the club out of trouble and be remembered as players who helped them get out of this situation. That's our plan.

"I am loving every second of every minute here. The manager has shown great belief in me and it means a lot to me just being here. I feel like I am part of the club and like I have been here for a couple of years.

"I am playing with a smile on my face. I have come here to express myself and enjoy my football and I think it is showing in my performances that I am doing that. The fans keep voting for me as man of the match so I must be doing something right.

"I want to give something back to the fans because they pay so much money to watch us, travelling around the country and we all want to give them something back and the best way to do that is to make sure that we stay in the Championship."