I Keep Checking Sky To See if My House Is Ok - Keane

10 August 2011 01:56
City Old Boy News Former Coventry City forward Robbie Keane has joked that he has to keep checking Sky News to see if his house is ok. Speaking at a press conference in Dublin ahead of the Republic Of Ireland's game with Croatia tonight, Keane said to the Irish Times: “I keep checking Sky News to make sure my house is alright.” Keane was talking about the riots which started in Tottenham last Thursday and have spread to other areas of London and other cities. “It’s worrying because my house is about five minutes away. It’s obviously not nice to see it is fairly close to where I live. I hope it starts to calm down before it gets too stupid and it is already starting to get out of control. What else can you say? I hope it calms down.” How long Keane will be in his home remains to be seen as it looks more likely that his time at Tottenham Hotspur is over. “There’s a couple of weeks left in the window and it’s probably likely that I will be going. I can’t really answer where it is at the moment. There’s obviously a lot of speculation but there’s still a couple of weeks to go and we’ll see what happens. “I haven’t turned down anything but I think there’s a few people talking to the club but that’s all I can really say at the moment. I’m sure in the next couple of weeks it will be sorted out. It’s very unlikely anything will happen before the weekend." There have been stories that Keane is reluctant to leave London but the Irish captain says that is not the case and said:“No, I’ll move. “I don’t know why this story keeps coming out that I want to stay in London. I’ve never said that. I’m quite happy to go anywhere. For me, it’s just about playing regular football and if that’s outside London I’m not too bothered. I’ve scored a lot of goals for Spurs but football is all about the present. When your time is up, your time is up.” On being asked if he would consider a Championship club, Keane said: . “Not being disrespectful at all to the Championship but if I got an option to play in the Premiership, I’m obviously going to take that.” .