I Feel For The Fans - Smurthwaite

19 September 2013 01:36
Former Season Ticket Holder on City situation

Former Coventry City season ticket holder and Port Vale Chairman Norman Smurthwaite has said that he feels for the fans over what has happened to the Sky Blues.

The former resident of Wyley Road in Radford, told the Coventry Telegraph's Andy Turner: "I feel for the fans, I really do. "I said several months ago that God forbid the Ricoh becomes one of the biggest park and ride car parks in the city and that's where we are at now.

"No-one would have thought the arrogance of both parties. It is pride that's at stake now, nothing more because it makes no financial sense. Coventry must be losing the best part of £60k a week in revenue if you look at how they've structured things, the gates they were getting and the match revenue opportunities that they had before.

"It's very sad. "I often look at the situation and think who wins from this and the answer is no-one.

"My worry is that Coventry City fans will tear themselves apart in a footballing context and that will take years to rebuild - a long time after SISU and Tim Fisher have gone.

"Bringing a new stadium in Coventry won't rebuild that because of the damage that will be done in the interim years to the very heart and soul and fabric of the Coventry City supporter.

"That's my real fear and if I was a supporter I would want to go and watch my team but I'd have five or six people in front of me trying to convince me not to. That's just the situation they had in the miners strike when no-one won from that. "Nobody is winning here; there is no winner."


Source: Coventry MAD