I Don't Regret Being Involved With Coventry City - Brody

24 August 2011 11:10
More from Brody Coventry City Director Leonard Brody has told the CT that despite all the abuse on Twitter, he does not regret joining the CCFC board. "I had this conversation with my father who asked me the very same question and I honestly don’t, " said the Canadian to the CT. “There’s a stereotype in the United Kingdom that people who live in North America don’t understand the game but I love football; I’ve played it since I was three years old and it’s a huge part of my life. “People see the board as dupes of Sisu, which is not correct. "I’m a minor shareholder but I take no cash compensation for what I do. "I do it for free although as a shareholder I want to see that value increase. “Because of my background in digital (Brody was involved with Derby County for a while consulting on their digital platforms), I thought we had an opportunity at Coventry to begin to do things that were ground-breaking in the game, to start to engage fans in a different way than any other club. “It’s been an amazing learning experience; I have managed to develop relationships and friendships with fans that have been very helpful and meaningful and I’ve had a lot of people come and take a chunk out of me.  “But if we walked in tomorrow with a bag of £60million and said ‘here you go,’ 50 per cent of the people would love you and 50 per cent would be suspicious. "No matter what you do, that’s the nature of the game, the nature of sport. “When you get a massive backlash, when you have a wall of negativity coming at you it’s easy to turtle up and run for the hills, but those are the moments when we need to be communicating more. “Being called every name in the book isn’t fun, but that’s not why I’ve disappeared from Twitter and I am still committed to talking to and, more important, listening to the fans. “Everybody here is extremely motivated to do right by Coventry City and wants this club and the community to succeed. “We’ve tried different things. "Some have worked, some haven’t, but the bottom line is we have to do better.”