I Didn't Get The Answers I Wanted Off Sepalla - Robins

14 February 2013 05:32
Robins on why he left

Mark Robins has said that he did not get the answers he wanted from Joy Seppala and that is why he walked out to join Huddersfield Town.

Robins spoke to the Coventry City Board on Tuesday and SISU boss Joy Seppala about the future of the club but failed to get the answers that would have persuaded him to stay.

Speaking to the Press Association, Mark Robins said: "I spoke to the owner, I sought assurances and didn't get any assurances from the owner of Coventry.

"I absolutely wish them all the best, they work their socks off and as I've said before that club needs support from Coventry City Council.

"That led to a decision to want to speak with Huddersfield and that's how the decision has been arrived at."

Source: Coventry MAD