I Can't Fault Our Performance - O'Driscoll

29 September 2010 12:47
The after game views of the opposing manager Sean O'Driscoll has said that he cannot fault his players after they went down to a 2-1 defeat to Coventry City on Tuesday night.Speaking to the Press Association, the Doncaster Rovers boss said: "I can't fault the performance but we want to move it on and turn performances like that into wins."I was here last season saying exactly the same thing and I have said it so many times over the last 12 months. It's getting a bit tiresome but there is nothing you can do it."I can't plan for conceding goals like that at the end or losing games that way. Only one team was going to win it."We didn't start very well. We began slowly and tentatively. We'd changed the team from Saturday and sacrificed our two smallest players to bring in two headers of the ball because Coventry get it in your box and shell it forward from all angles."I was pleased with how it worked but we have lost the game. You can't play as well as that when your performance is excellent and lose the game."We are in a different phase of development to most other Championship clubs and have different resources, so we have to develop what we've got."We have got to make sure we bring in the right players and mix it and match it."-->