Hoffman Unveils His Plans

01 April 2011 12:14
Strengthen the team and get the stadium Coventry City Associate Director Gary Hoffman has revealed his plans if he were to find sufficent funding and was able to take control of the club.Mr Hoffman has announced that if he is successful in finding sufficient investment for the club, the plan is to provide enough funds to strengthen the team and buy the stadium with a view to building the growing reputation and revenue streams rather than mortgage it to provide funds."The plan is to build on the great work that has already been done to make it a destination centre where the football is continuing," said Mr Hoffman to the CT."It is already one of the best music, business and leisure facilities in the UK and we would reinforce that."It is not to buy it to mortgage it to invest in the team, it is to invest in the team and invest in the stadium. To improve on the profits the stadium already make. It is about both Coventry City and the city of Coventry."The life long City supporter: "I am not particularly in competition with Sisu. I want to raise funds to either do it with Sisu or if we can't do it then we might have to replace them."The fact is, whatever they talk about, they have been incapable of buying the stadium over the last three years from a relationship and money point of view."Right from the start they were going to buy it when they first came in but reneged on it at the last minute."