Hoffman May Drop Out Of Haskell Bid

25 April 2013 11:47
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Coventry City supporter Gary Hoffman may withdraw from being part of the bid for the Sky Blues being put together by Preston Haskell IV and his consortium.

Hoffman, could be in line to become the next Chairman of the Premier League and may have to withdraw from the bid, which now looks a lot stronger after the Football League told MP Bob Ainsworth that the Golden Share did in fact lie with CCFC Limited which is in administration, if he were to be appointed by the Premier League.

Whilst the bid, which has been lodged with the administrator Paul Appleton and the club needs the expertise of Mr Hoffman, a former Coventry City London Supporters Club Secretary, by not having him involved with the bid might just strengthen their cause with SISU, whose boss Joy Seppala, is known not to be the biggest supporter of  Mr Hoffman.

Speaking to the Coventry Observer's Steve Carpenter at last week's meeting with the Coventry City Kenilworth Town Supporters Club, Mr Hoffman said about why previous bids to take control of the club from SISU had failed: “The best way for discussions on such sensitive and emotional things is quietly and behind the scenes, but it can never be like that because there is so much emotion and passions about it and so many rumours come out of it which are untrue.

“We declared an interest but I did not want people who were involved to be exposed if you like until a deal had been done.

“It was agreed absolutely at the end of a secret meeting in Burton that nobody in the meeting would go away and talk about it afterwards.

“And within an hour-and-a-half after us leaving The Sun had the story and people were questioning the credibility and integrity of it.

“I though thought that was outrageous and the people involved understandably thought it was outrageous and walked away."




Source: Coventry MAD