Hoffman Hits Back At Club Statement

20 August 2011 10:09
Hoffman disappointed with Club statement Gary Hoffman has hit back at the statement published by Coventry City on their official club website about the meeting with himself, Joe Elliott, Paul Clouting, Ken Dulieu at the company behind the consortium. Speaking to the CT, Mr Hoffman said: "I am deeply disappointed that tonight we are talking about who said what at a meeting when we should be supporting the team which is what I'll certainly be doing against Watford. "Not all of my investors were at the meeting, just as SISU weren't, but the Chairman of the prinicipal company was and there is no question that we are serious about what we are trying to do. "At the end of the meeting, Ken, Paul, Joe and myself agreed if we were approached by the media we would give a one line response, so I was frankly amazed when I read Ken's comments. Clearly somebody somewhere has got their wires crossed and I am awaiting some clarification. "I resent any suggestion that I or my colleagues are time-wasters because I have been forced to devote a lot of energy to this in recent months at a time when, as people know, I am involved in some very important business negotiations. "There have been many times when I have been tempted to talk away from it all and this is another of those days - but I won't do it because I love the club and I am desperate to do what I can to help them."