Higgs Centre Happy To Deal With SISU/CCFC Holdings

26 April 2013 12:52
Higgs Centre Reply

According to Free Radio's Darryl Murphy, the Alan Higgs Centre Trust are happy to deal with SISU/Coventry City Football Club (Holdings) Ltd.

Replying to the statement issued by Administrator Paul Appleton, the Higgs Centre have said that they have sent a quote to CCFC Holdings for repair costs but haven't had a reply.

They also say that they are happy to deal with SISU/Coventry City Football Club Holdings and they are in contact with Joy Seppala at the moment.

However, Joy Seppala,  who has property in Spring Hill, Florida,  can't get back to them at the moment because she's 'traveling'. " 

Source: Coventry MAD


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