Help Save CCFC Right Now!

19 October 2013 12:12
Get Your MP To The Debate

You can help save Coventry City Football Club right now by following three really simple steps.

On Tuesday (22 October) there will be a Parliamentary debate on football governance and CCFC, thanks to the efforts of Bob Ainsworth, MP for Coventry North East. It is a great opportunity to bring our plight to national and Government attention. The more MPs who attend the better, so here's what you can do to help achieve that.1. Go to the completely free and dead easy to use 'Write to Them' website by clickinghere (or the full address is - enter your postcode and click 'Go' which then takes you straight to a form addressed to your MP.2. In the form, enter your name, address and email, then write your message: 

The key point is to urge your MP to attend the Adjournment Debate in Westminster Hall on Tuesday 22 October 2013 between 4pm – 4:30pm. Say the debate is being led by Bob Ainsworth MP and will focus on Football Governance and the situation at Coventry City Football Club. You can also say why the issue matters to you, the effect the move to Northampton is having on you and why it is important for you that CCFC returns to Coventry. You could add things like: how there are implications for every club and our national game as a whole; how important football clubs are to community and local identity; and how the move to Sixfields has adversely affected local businesses in Coventry with no positive impact evident in Northampton so there is an overall negative impact on economic growth.  Feel free to say that more information is available by contacting  If your MP is Bob Ainsworth, why not just thank him for all the great work he is doing on this!

It does not matter where in the UK you live - your MP is there to help you and if you are concerned about CCFC then whether you are in Land's End, John O'Groats or anywhere in between, just explain why the issue is important to you and that you really would appreciate it if your MP would attend Tuesday's debate. You then click on 'Preview message' and then can either re-edit or hit send.

3. The website then emails you to ask you to confirm you want your message to be sent to your MP - reply to that and then give yourself a pat on the back for having done something to help save CCFC! The Parliamentary debate is open to the public and for anyone interested in attending, access to Westminster Hall is by queuing at the visitors centre near St Stephen’s entrance

Source: Coventry MAD