Haskell Bid Could Be Off If Holdings Have The Share

18 April 2013 02:31
Bid Could Fail Due To Share Ownership

According to reports on Sky Blue Talk Forum, it was expressed at a talk given by Joe Elliott and Gary Hoffman at the Coventry City Kenilworth Supporters Club meeting last night, that Preston Haskell IV's bid to buy the Sky Blues rests on where the Golden Share is.

The latest accounts for CCFC Ltd, which is in administration, show that the Golden Share, which is the licence to run the club and compete in the Football League and take part in their competitions as well as those organised by the Football Association, was in that account last June.

However, if the administrator Paul Appleton proves that the share is owned by Coventry City Football Club (Holdings) Ltd, which is not in administration then the deal will be off. 


Source: Coventry MAD