Hall: It's good to be back

12 November 2009 12:33
Hall came through his first reserve match in nearly a month on Tuesday following the sudden death of his dad Errol.

"Obviously it has been quite hard for me just lately but it is good to get back focused on my football, which all my family have been telling me to do, especially my nan," he told the Coventry Telegraph.

"It sounds a bit corny but she's right when she says it is what my dad would have wanted me to do. It is difficult to focus and these things take time but I know I have got to try to do what is right.

"It has been good to see all the lads again because while I was off I tried to do a bit of running to keep my fitness up on my own but it was even worse because everything was going through my head.

"But when you are out training with the other players it is a lot better because it takes your mind off things for a while."

Source: Team_Talk